My videos are in several places on YouTube. Click the links below to go to each channel and see what’s posted.

Street Pajama, Art Attack Records and Cavern Studios Tucson

Plus, below are some direct links to some of my favorites.


MIKEY KING "Beverly Tremblestems" (2013)
A cartoon video with Mike and some of the insects from his book.


MIKEY KING "Jazz Heart, Purple Heart" (2013)
A surreal video by the Great Antoine Whang.


MIKEY KING "Why Should I Settle for Less?" (2013)
A lyric video with more than enough pictures of Mike.


MIKEY KING "Ashokan Farewell" (2016)
Live footage of the Mikester playing the theme song from the Ken Burns' Civil War documentary.


STREET PAJAMA "I Get Peculiar" (1978)
This is a subtle lyric video, but stick around because a third of the way in there is footage of Merle singing live, always a treat.


STREET PAJAMA "I Get Peculiar" (1979)
This is the full live version.


STREET PAJAMA "Maybe Yes, Maybe No" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Dave The Roach" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "No Pajamas" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Catalogue Lady" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Hangin' On (like lice on the legs of King Kong)" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Bad News Makes Good Blues" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Sunny River" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Outright Downright Change" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Tasty Food For Thought" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Relaxin' with Jackson" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Tendril Theme Song" (1978)


STREET PAJAMA "Relaxin' with Jackson" - Demo Version (1977)


STREET PAJAMA "Maybe Yes, Maybe No" (1979)


STREET PAJAMA "Screwed Again"


STREET PAJAMA " I Hate You " 1988 (ends at 3:52)